Monday, 9 August 2010

Any Songs? and an update!

Evening blogging community, hows everyone? :)
I'm sorry i haven't blogged in the last few days, things have been a little busy for me, what with last minute shopping to make sure we had everything we need, and changing our lovely pounds into lovelier euros, and also packing. OK packing has always been fun for me, I've been packing my own bag since i was about 15 years old, but i always had mum there to remind me if I've forgotten anything or to give me helpful tips, this year however without mum and being our first holiday without an actual adult, well if you don't include myself, packing is literally a nightmare, we're forgetting normal everyday things like a "hairbrush" or "sunglasses". Also trying to fit things into a toiletries bag as well as a make up bag is proving to be very annoying. There's 3 girls going and we're using 2 bags sharing is involved. Packing has gone from an exciting and anxious time to an annoying, "Is my white t-shirt with buttons clean" time.. URGH! so again i am sorry for the lack of updating here. I just thought I'd let everyone, at least everyone who reads this..know about why my blog has been on hold for a bit, i leave this Thursday morning, but i will blog before i go.. i promise! :) until then..i have a quick question and would love some feedback.

In the process of downloading songs for the Ipod for the 3 hour flight journey, any music you can think of..? I'm open to all options. Thanks! :))


Ulaaa said...

Ahhhh I hope you have an amazing holiday dollface!!
I'll list you some of my fav tunes right now, you've probably got them all..
But like im OBSESSED with Drake, have been for like 3 years now LOL.. So basically his whole album?
Drake - Fall for your type
Drake - Find your love
Drake ft Alicia Keys - Fireworks
Drake - Karaoke
Drake - Cece's Interlude
Drake ft the Dream - Shut it down
Drake - The resistance
Drake ft Young Jeezy - Unforgettable
Drake ft Nicki Minaj - Up all night
Drake - Show me a good time
Drake ft T.I - Fancy
Drake ft Jay-Z - Light up
Drake - Thank me now
Drake ft Lil wayne - Miss me
Drake - Do it all
Drake - Still got it
.. Dont know if you like grime/uk rap?
Tell me if you do and I'll list you a few tunes :)

Alexandra said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, im now a follower of yours!
Look for some old school music, works best for me

Ana Cristina said...

Ula, i love drake.. i gotta find you rlove is just pure amazing, thank you for the music choices, had a few of them already there.. i really want like party music , the kind that you get ready to go out for the night!? any ideas?! LOL all i have in my head, is the good old vengaboys!! :S hahaha x

and thanks alex i agree, old school! ;) x

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