Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hey (:
i have some reviews to do, which i don't do often in all fairness, but i thought i would try some today! The first review i have to do is on some hair mousse that i brought about a month ago. It's
L'oreal Paris New Studio Silk & Gloss Curl Power Mousse

and it retails for about £3. Having straightened my hair every day for about a year, i thought i would go back to my natural hair which is very fluffy and bushy or Frizzy if you want. It needs to have some sort of mousse to keep it tamed, every time i use serum on my hair or anything like frizz ease it just makes my hair very greasy, so i went to the original plan which is hair mousse alone. This then caused a problem of trying to find the perfect hair mousse that makes it curly without being fluffy, and I'm very happy that the first hair mousse i picked up off the shelf in Superdrug is the perfect one. it holds the hair and doesn't let it lose any of it's curls!

This is a product i would soo recommend to anyone who wants long lasting curls!
(P.S -This is not the image, but i swear i couldn't for the life of me find one on google, the actual bottle looks like this except its orange and says "Silk & Gloss" on it! - SOO SORRYY!)

The next product i have to do a review on is
Nivea Visage Refreshing facial cleansing wipes.
Growing up i had oily skin but as i grew into my late teens my skin started becoming more and more dry, i started using these wipes about a month or 2 ago and since then i wake up every morning with much more oil on my face then i can remember. I tend to take my make up off and cleanse my face with these wipes but they have lately left me feeling more and more oily then i have done before. They smell really really nice, and leave my skin feeling the softest i think i can remember it being (even my boyfriend has started to notice this (; ) but i still wake up with oil and feeling the need to grab another one and wipe it all away.

I don't know if it's just my skin so i would say buy it yourself and test them out yourself, but as for me, its just left me with combination skin! (meaning.. i don't know when I'm gonna have oily to dry skin anymore!? LOL)

Have you used any of these before? and what do you think of them?

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