Wednesday, 21 July 2010


:) Hi,
Its still not right, i can feel it, maybe I'm the only one, but its there. I'm not looking for things that aren't right, there just there for you to see.. I have this weird feeling that if it don't get better or improve then I'm screwed. Great i really fancy that! :| urrmm There isn't much to blog about..
-The love life - Well it's still there and you know...! :(
-The work life - Sylvia is working with me now, only 3 weeks till i go on holiday!
-The social life - I miss my friends, but feel like if i were to go to them, they would all get sick of hearing about my least I'm seeing Lil tomorrow and Sam in about 2 weeks!
-The fun life - I'm going on holiday soon, and this is weird but i haven't had alcohol for ages and fancy some of it back in my life! :|
not much else to say really!

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