Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hair Colour

Morning :)
Today's first post is hair colour, you see I'm having such a hard time because i want to go lighter for the summer period but my hair dresser advised me not to dye my hair, her exact words.. "you will carry your hair home in a carrier bag if you keep dying it like you do". GREATT!!! grr, i seem to always go a lighter shade for the summer but this year it looks like I'm going to stay dark, Anyhoo this post is looking at Celebrities and saying weather they look better dark or light..

First up.. Miss Jessica Alba..

I think she looks better.. DARKER!! :) your opinion?!

Next is Miss Kim Kardashian..

I think she looks better..LIGHTER!! :) (at least in these pics) Your opinion?!

Miss Lindsay Lohan..

SO much better DARKER! :) Your opinion?!

Miss Ashley Tisdale..

She can actually rock both, but i prefer DARKER! Your opinion?!

Miss Hilary Duff..

I love the DARKER on her! Your opinion?!

Miss Mary-Kate Olsen..

She can look nice with both, but DARKER makes her look better! Your opinion?!

And finally Miss Ana Cristina.. MEE!!

I miss my blond, but i do think DARKER is me..! (ignore the pics quality) Your opinion?!

Haha, do you know any other celebrities who change their hair colour a lot!?


Hannahh x said...

I agree with all of these, but i think Mary-Kate Olsen looks better blonde :)xx

Ana Cristina said...

hehe i think Ashley olsen looks amazing blonde.. i duno, i like mary-kate with both of them..i wonder if ashley could pull darker off too! :)) x

Anna said...

mary kate looks better blonde :) and you look better dark :D <3

Ana Cristina said...

thank youuu anna.. dark it is at least for this summer! :P

Sylvia said...

As your sister loll
hahaha i love you darkerrr
im the ligther one and lol
omg totaly disaagreee
marykate and ashely look better ligther
ashely tisdale and hilary are better lighter in my opionunes the rest r correct <3 loll alto ashle can do darker too :P u should have put kristin stweret shes a blonde too hahah only thugth of it noww lol xx

Sunny & Star said...

I agree with you on all of the celebrities.

You're cute with the blonde hair but I think your stunning with the dark.

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