Sunday, 18 July 2010


Today has started off OK, was rather awkward at first for slightly embarrassing reasons which i wont go into to, but the morning turnt OK quite quickly. I made breakfast for me, Monica and Danny and about half an hour later Danny left. I think I'm going to have a bath and then make some lunch for me and Monica as Sylvia has gone out for the day with her besties to go and take photos of a cemetery.. I'm still a little indecisive about my birthday present from Danny, it hasnt actually hit him about why i feel like this, and then i think im being stupid like if he hasn't actually figured it out, it's not that obvious and it must be just an "Ana" thing, but as i was explaining it to Sylvia yesterday she said I make a big drama out of nothing, but this time she gets my point and can actually see where im coming from with this...! URGH i dunno!

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