Saturday, 17 July 2010

News Update;

Hello All,
I have finally booked my lovely flight to Madeira for 10 days! :) I'm so excited, i wanted the full 2 weeks as in 14 days but my work is such a pain in the butt they wouldn't let me have those days. It seems like its going to be a lot of fun although, of course I'm a little nervous and scared, Danny reassures me I've got nothing to worry about, but you know i do wonder! I was also devastated after i brought the tickets, they cost me £800 :| i couldn't quite believe the price especially for only 10 days! :( But i did buy 3 tickets and i also booked 2 large bags to take with us, 20 kilos in each bag only! :( I more or less paid about £266 for each ticket! :| ah life, Danny's dad paid about £273 and then Danny who went to book right after us paid £300 he was not impressed. Especially as this morning, prices have right back down to £266 again. It must have been because lots of tickets were purchased in one go, it started to go up..should have just brought them all together..this better be all worth it! :D now i need to save up enough money to spend on clothes and to take with us. In other news me and Danny have set up a joint bank account with Halifax where we shall be putting some of our hard earned cash in each week, we're trying to save up for our future home! :) I'm really happy we did and are doing this, i think we both need this little independence away from our families..and saving up for our own place can only be a good thing! Also Today is a big step as i have Danny stying over for the first time, its only taken him 10 months, to decide this.. i regularly stay at his on the weekends but this is the first time he's stayed at mine, i do love it, just hope he's not doing to keep me happy as he said!! Grr!
Also he told me what my birthday present is going to be, I'm excited but a little sad about it, i will write another blog post about this.. some time real soon, yes i want the gift but.. URGH! I'll explain more next time! I'm going off to bed at 1:10am.. :)

24 days till i go here... MADEIRA!! ♥

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Anna said...

Awww you set up a joint account :)) saving up for a house together is awesome :D im doing it too! and im well jelous of your holiday :)

ps yes im back yay :D

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