Sunday, 18 July 2010

Body Worries!

*His sister was round the other day and she said I'm getting skinner and skinner, there's nothing for him to hold on to. It shouldn't have upset me or hurt me but i let it get to me, and it did hurt me, i really didn't know what to say to something like that, so i shrugged and walked out the room, really i wanted to run upstairs to the bathroom and have a cry..I'm not being emotional about it, but i just felt awkward in my on body. Calling someone "Skinny" is just as bad as calling someone "Fat" wouldn't go up to someone and say your getting fatter and fatter i don't know how he copes with you. You shouldn't care what other people say or think about you, but it really got to me and for the first time ever i really had no response to it, so i just walked out the room..hoping no one would notice how that hurt. I'm 21 years old going to be 22 soon, i weigh 8 stone or 50 kilos if you want it that way, I'm 5ft 6 nearly 5ft 7 and i don't know if I'm underweight for my age and height, but i know that everyone from my dad's side of the family are slim and i know I've got their genes, but i totally hate it when people comment on how "Skinny" i am. Yes i may seem like I'm confidant in my own body and that I'm loud and bubbly and like i say 2 fingers up at the people who don't like me because i don't care, but truth is, I'm a woman so i have body worries like all women do and I'm human so i do have feelings, I'd rather you say I'm "Slim" then I'm "skinny" or maybe how about not mention it at all. It can become an issue if too many different people start to notice it and mention it, you end up starting to worry yourself and that's when things become unhealthy.. talk about knock your confidence down..*
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


Anna said...

i know EXACTLY how you feel =[ i'm 5'7 and 52kg! we're the same! it makes me feel like shit too! dw thoughhh! hugs! you're not skinny, you are slim :D

sabrina said...

Isn't she quite big? (or maybe I made that up) you should have aaid dont know how you two fit in the bed together lol. This is such a complicated issue, I won't say your overly skinny plus everyone would love to be your size 8... well I would! And what I think is most important is that your healthy and don't eat junk just to put on weight! If it really bothers you just see your GP... but honestly your perfect X

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