Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The New Improved Blog For 2010

Hello the world of Blogspot, i have to say..I've been a bit confused lately about blogging. I had this blog and it was great, lots of different people from all over the world came to look and read, but i couldn't keep up with it, so i thought id make a new one..which was more about my life instead of everything else. Well i had that for a couple of months and again, i got bored and couldn't keep up with it, but this blog was always there so I've decided to return to my roots, and use this blog, my trusted friend.
So if by any chance you have been following or reading my posts on:
feel free to come back here instead to this one, my oldest and best blog. I promise to keep it updated properly and i shall start the bogging routine again, because i have missed it..! :) So all i wanted to say was I'm very sorry for all the confusion, my fault, for making more and more blogs when i should of just tried to save the one i had in the first place! I'm here from now on, and I'm back for good! :D Forget the other blogs you my have been reading i WILL NOT be using them any further.
Thank you..i wonder if i still have any of the same readers i used to have! ;)
ALSO..looking back through this blog, I've realised a lot of pictures i once posted have been swapped with some rather funny image or Google Ad..ugh i hate when that happens but i no longer have those images on my laptop to restore them. I'm sorry, but as I've and improved feel free to ignore anything written before this date.
Thank You Again.

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