Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"I Love You" Means NOTHING!

Tonight i got hurt..
i got hurt because of something i saw.. i kept quiet and and i didn't want to say anything, i didn't want to ruin any ones fun! Then the night got weird and now I'm angry for something completely different! I knew that i was gonna get hurt, i knew what i was looking at was gonna hurt me, but i couldn't stop..! i knew i should have stopped yet i didn't want to. Now its too late i know stuff, I've seen stuff and I've read stuff..i guess i should be less nosey! I Remember our first discussion about "moving too fast" i remember what he said to me, i remember the exact words he said..i remember how i lied and told him everything was fine, when really he was actually hurting me deep. All of that got sorted and even though i had been hurt i slowly trusted him. i grew to trust him. I remember the first time he said "I Love You" my response was "DON'T..Don't say stuff you don't mean" and he said he did mean it, it was true..! i said it back, not because he did but because i knew it was true..i had never felt that way with anyone before, it was all new to me..so i don't know what love feels like, but I'm guessing it felt like that. Maybe we were moving too fast, everyone kept saying "Time will tell.." and maybe everyone was right, but when i was next to him, within reach of him, none of that mattered..it was just me and him and it "FIT". So maybe everyone is still right and maybe we should slow everything down..! Can we take back all that we have said?? or have we screwed it up for good now? "TIME WILL TELL" <-- haha. i don't understand him sometimes, what started out as me hurt by something i had found out by myself, ended up with me hurt because he wouldn't say what he had no trouble in saying for days now! i dunno whats happened but suddenly saying "I Love You" like he has been doing, was too hard for him :/ he told me not to give up.. its hard.. but i do care about him, soooo...


sylvia said...

:[ i dont like whn yur said
i love you and i hope you sort it all out xoxo
time will tell lol :P love ya
just think of tony the man who helped us in ikea wear house lmaooo

Shann.* said...

Anaa! :( Love Is Poo! So Incredible Yet Soo Destructable! :/ Iloveyou Sister, i really do -And always will! :) xx

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