Monday, 10 August 2009

Photos of London Ngiht Life

Good Morning Blogger World..
How are we all this morning? and what have we got planned?!
me..well I'm taking Hollie and the girls to Bruce Castle Park cause Hollie's never been before! :P
I got some pictures to upload of Danny's last night in London..there not of him or me, but of what we

Big Screen..and DIRTYYY Car Window!! tut tut..

Piccadilly circus and again DIRTYYY Car Window!!

Night Club and the little Portuguese Boxing gloves hanging in the car! :)

Michael Jackson Thriller Huge Posterr.. :D

right I'm off to go get myself decent for the park! :) i guess I'll blog later..!


1 comment:

Anaa said...

a noite de Londres deve ser um espectaculo, adorava ir a Londres, e se aí fosse tinha que aproveitar a noite. Londres é mesmo uma cidade fantásitca, tem cor, movimento alegria *.*

Costumas sair á noite?
a partir de que idade se entra nas discotecas aí?

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