Sunday, 7 June 2009

A good nights sleep??

Good Afternoon. I've been having a few sleeping problems lately, and i don't like it very much. Usually i sleep fine, and usually I'm so tired that the second my head hits the pillow..I'M OUT, either that or I'll read some "Eclipse" and that's gets me going. I know you dream every night, but most of the forget the dreams before morning, and I've also heard that when your in one of them amazingly deep sleeps, its when you tend to dream and remember them more..which would explain my latest predicament! Ya see, on Thursday evening i went to bed knowing i had work the next morning, during that night i dreamt..then i overslept, because the sleep was so good, (made it on time to work..just about) then Friday night, i knew i had nothing to do on Saturday so..again..i slept well and deep but again i dreamt, FINALLY Saturday evening, i went to bed..and i knew that i could sleep in late today so i put no alarm on and i fell asleep straight away and again dreamt. All of these dreams are still clear in my head, and I'm wondering if it's because I've been having really nice, long, DEEP sleeps lately. If so..then i know i gotta be up extra early for work tomorrow so, i hope i don't have another one tonight. Let me tell you about them::

Dream ONE - Friday night;
I don't remember much to be fair now, but i remember that through most parts of it...My mother was trying to kill me, like she was beating me to a pulp, and her EX was there too, beating me..there was a lot of blood. I remember her slamming my head against a wall, over and over again..and i remember asking, NO pleading with her to stop and for forgiveness, yet she had this weird look in her eyes and just kept going, the wall got harder and harder..and colder and colder..until i was nearly passing out, i don't remember much after that except the laughter from her.

Dream TWO - Saturday night;
Sylvia got pregnant, and she was all happy about it, well i say happy..but not exactly..but she weren't all depressed like i was. i started shouting at her, asking her how she could have done this? shes only 15? what was she thinking, in my head abortion wasn't an option so this baby was going to come, she started showing and telling me how her belly was going to be big and she was happy, i was crying, and my mother (cause she was there again) didn't even notice. I went and sat by the kitchen window on the kitchen counter and finally told the mother, she didn't believe me at first but then she got angry at Sylvia too, and started shouting saying stuff like "your father is not gonna Care if your pregnant or not, hes still gonna kill you".

Dream THREE - Sunday night;
I had this one today and i remember Pana from work was in it, she was running around doing jobs for something, i don't remember a lot of it now, but i did when i first woke up..i remember towards the end, i ran up to Pana and gave her a huge hug and told her she was like my mother anyways, but i cant quiet remember the rest..anyways if it comes to me, I'll write it down later.

So there you are, 3 nights, 3 dreams..all involving my MOTHER! :/ i don't know what it means..? any one good at knowing what it means when you dream about something? if so let me know what it is?!?! OK? i hope i don't have another one tonight, i cant take any more.

Ate Logo.


Peyton said...

apparently make them longer =/

Kaysnurf. said...

Weird... I had a really freaky dream last night, that I was on that air france plane, and it just went on fire and split in half and I died. :( xo.

pinkmagique said...

Ive been having alot of like violent and freaky dreams this week too babe!! Im not sure if there is something going on with the moon or something! I dont like it!!!!


Anaa said...

agora compreendes como é dormir mal :/
Eu compreendo tão bem... os meus problemas para dormir têm acalmado um bocadinho...porque a escola está a acabar e não tenho tido tantas preocupações.
Por acaso não costumo ter pesadelos, só "weird dreams", mas sei como é mau ter pesadelos. :/´
O sonho da tua mãe te querer matar deve ter sido horrivel.

Espero que melhores e que hoje consigas dormir como um anjinho x)

DeeDee said...

I am so worried. Sylvia was preggers!?!?!?

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