Monday, 8 June 2009

I hate it all

I Hate Life,
Everything Is Shit,
I'm 20,
Still Living At Home,
No Boyfriend,
Only A Few Real Friends,
Not Happy In Life,
I'm Ana..



Kaysnurf. said...

Aw Ana. D:
You don't need a boyfriend or millions of friends to have a happy life. D:
You only need the ones who stick by your side throughout your entire life, and they're all that matter, seriously.

alice said...

Hi Annie. Don't feel like that, you don't need a boyfriend to be truly happy. As for friends, if you have REAL ones, don't care about the others, because if you have REAL friends, they will be always by your side (tokio hotel, ^^) and that's what matters. ;)

by the way, I like your blog. kisses :) **

Anaa said...

heeey, tem calma.
A falta de uma boa noite de sono está.te a deixar demasiado deprimida.
Não precisas de namorado para ser feliz. Quando for altura ele encontra-te sozinho. E , ter muitos amigos normalmente não significa que sejam todos bons. È bom ter o nosso grupinho, é normal. Viver com os pais e irmãos também é bom. Temos sempre conforto e menos responsabilidade.
relax, you're 20, not 40. Aproveita bem a idade que tens.

Não te preocupes, que, depois de algumas noites más a maioria das pessoas normaliza o sono.
Eu tenho a sorte de nao ter pesadelos, mas tenho sempre dificuldades a adormecer definitivamente...acordo sempre alguns minutos depois de adormecer :/

Ana said...

Thank you alice, i wish i knew if you had a blog or not...then i would comment that too and id know more about you..i wonder if you'll see this comment to you! :P LOL
i was having AND still am having a very bad i was letting out a bit of my frustration!!
BUT your right a few Tokio Hotel songs and i'll be fine! ;)
i need to find some Tom pics to drool over! LOL

thank youuu.. :D

Anna said...

i had a fight with my boyfriend thats what happened :(

aww why do you feel like that babe
i know how you feel and i know saying " cheer up dont feel like that " wont make things better

so i'll just give you a;

*biiiiig faaaattt virtual hugggg* :)


alice said...

you're welcome :)
I don't like my blog at all, but there it is. (x


alice said...

uau, o meu crappy english "enganou-te" :p
não, não fui eu, se vires bem tem abaixo do poema 'Florbela Espanca'. Gostava de ter sido eu a escrever, mas eu não escrevo grande coisa.

obrigada por comentares o meu blog *hugs*

alice said...

yes, I like her poems a lot. =)

alice said...

yes, she is.

DeeDee said...

1.You're beautiful- any man would want you, you don't have to look for love let love find you.
2.You live at home, because you love your sisters and you decided to take up some responsibilty. If anyone knew the whole story they wouldn't make fun of you for living at home but praise you and have more respect for you.
3.Who cares if you don't have a lot of friends? It's better to have a few TRUE rather than alot of fake friends.
4.I really don't know what's happening in your life right about now but, you're one of the lucky ones- you got a job, loving family and friends, sexy clothes that I want to steal- you've got so much that some people would die for, trust me things could be alot worse.


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