Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another Saturday

Ciaooo, hows everyone? im going to try and fix the blogger today, i have nothing else to do. nothing entertaining at least. so why not huh?! i could watch One tree hill season 2, since i did buy it and still haven't watched it. YES that might be what i do tonight. i also have to watch Dark Knight so i can take it back to Rhian. :) Other then that, i am downloading all, yes ALL of Tokio Hotel TV episodes, apart from the first one, which i have no love for! :/ hehe. Right i also think everyone should go to youtube and listen to SETH LAKEMAN - LADY OF THE SEA. (thank you in advance)..also check out ROSS COPPERMAN - THEY'LL NEVER KNOW. (again thank you in advance).
I woke up this morning thinking yahoo, i dont have to go anywhere this weekend. NO Oxford ST, NO Camden, NO WoodGreen, NO High Road.. BUT how wrong, went high road looking for school shoes for Monica which WERE needed, but apparently the high road don't do no them no more ONLY high heels!! :/ So we went off to wood green again, totally not happy with that. I walked with my ear phones in the whole journey even though i was with my sisters, and i couldn't hear anything. Monica stepped on a MacDonald's tub of Ketchup and it squirted at Sylvia and ruined her jeans, she was not impressed and neither was i. grrr, i found her the school shoes, and i also brought myself a pair of Ed Hardy's as well as some cute pink slippers! LOL We then were on our way home, when i saw a plastic girl, i know i know..don't judge someone without knowing can i say a girl who LOOKED plastic but may have been very nice..? well anyway this "said" girl got on our bus and the bus driver was trying soo hard not to look at her CLEARLY UPLIFTED (opps, i mean "Cleverly Uplifted") Bussom. it was so funny, when she got off i kept laughing because of his reaction to her and he caught me and just looked down, disappointed in himself..! HAHA LOSER! I came home and have since been downloading THTV to make my DVD. Which i can tell is gonna take me YEARS to get all of it, not months, like i originally first thought. pftt.
A new HOTT guy was working at HMV today, not the usual one i go inside looking for, another one! yummy i get 2 now. lucky me!
Anyways NEW shoeies..;;


Ja, they are beautiful..i love them!! lol, right off i go to see if i can fix this blogger up abit!

Blog Back Laterrr


Kaysnurf. said...

OMFG. I HAVE THEM SHOES IN BLACK HAHA! I GOT THEM YESTERDAY! Well, same designed shoes! How rad. :) x

Anaa said...

hahah andas viciada em coisas com caveiras.
Desculpa ter demorado a responder aos comentários. Adoro tanto os sábados *.*

DeeDee said...


Joana Filipa said...

The shoes are amazing! LOVE ED HARDY...

Ohh thank you very much =) And yah the music was an international hit

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