Thursday, 14 May 2009


Time check - 11:08am..finished doing my hair, calling the heating people and eating old pizza! ;) always nice. now time for dishes in the kitchen, cleaning the front room and tidying the bedroom downstairs. Urgh, no rest for the wicked even on my day off! oh well if it will get the house clean i'll do it, i also wanna check out my new camera i brought yesterday! hehe and i have to go check the mail. So be back later i suppose..

Update Over;

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Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

gosh I'm so excited!!! but at the same time i'm scared x.x
it happens every time I change my hair...don't know why... I start to think "will look nice or not?", "the color will look good on me?", "the hairdressers knows how to cut my hair in the way I want????"
i'm stupid I know... x.x

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