Thursday, 14 May 2009

This morning

Good Morning Blogger..
last night was weird..i felt all emotions. Devastated by what the mother said and did, Saddened by whats happening to grandpa, Excited for sammy and HOT TOPIC, Happy to talk to Ivo (he made me laugh) Exhausted from work, Amazed my boss let me have today off, and confused about my state of mine oO So now that i actually have the day off, i will be cleaning the house up nervous too because i sent my ID Card to get my provisional, and i haven't heard anything back from them and they haven't sent me the ID Card back either. Right i shall be back, and since its my day off work, and im not on planning on going anywhere..i will be updating continuously. Lol ;) For now ima try and straighten my hair with the hair dryer.. (im crap at that) xD If its your First visit here, say helloo!! ;] Be Back Soon.

P.S...Should have blogged this last night, but too much happened to even focus properly..but..


MSN Time


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

i hope so =)

Anna said...

woww, I had no idea he was that old XD haha.
lovely blog btw ;)
all about team edward yerr hehe

<33 anna

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