Thursday, 14 May 2009

House Cleaning;

last update on the whole cleaning day, i did the dishes and broke one of dad "Jack Daniels" cup, im so dead!! :X im just waiting here for him to come, ive chosen where i wanna be scattered and everything, in Portugal and on my tombstone it should say..

1988 - 2009

hahaa.. i tidied the bedroom and the living room, i fixed the table and i even downloaded limewire..woohoo AGAIN, i will now start to download musicaa. I got to pluck my eyebrows today and repaint my nails for work tomorrow, one more day till the weekend, its dad's birthday on Saturday so i need to find him a gift, and i want to watch the eurovision contest too :D so my lovelies thats it for today's cleaning day..i may blog back later!

Until Then,

1 comment:

Anaa said...

hah, limpar é sempre uma seca .p

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