Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I Ramble When i'm nervous. *Sorry*

Hi everyone, my mood today is a little blurr to tell you the truth. I spent the day at work and it was normal so nothing to report there. I came home and it was normal, again nothing to report there. Joanne told me that it looks like our summer holiday may be off, well actually more like a YES it's off..! I'm totally gutted by this news. urgh, my week seriously can't get any worse. i also feel..ODD, it dont make sense and i cant write it down, it would make even less sense, but here goes.. i dread going to sleep now, it means i have to read "New Moon" because im so used to reading before bed, "New Moon" has made me feel empty to be honest, i miss the love and passion the other book had. Then again no one is forcing me to read it and i doo feel like i want to, i read roughly 8 pages and put the book down cause i cant take anymore of it. Then i get another feeling of guilt, and i think why is this happening? i start to think things like "Has it all changed?" and i start hoping that no..because it never was meant to change NEVER. Then i realise "No, things haven't changed.." but i still feel the guilt. Theres this queasy feeling in m tummy all the time, along with dread, and hope all mixed together. See i told ya it makes no sense how im feeling. MAYBE i'm just an emotional wreck at the moment. I think maybe I've just realised something in the last couple of days, and its something which has taken a long time to settle in with me. :( i don't want to waste my time, but i have been for ages, years even. i need a change..i need something DRASTIC, but how can i suddenly stop all that i know, and where do i start looking for what i am searching for. :/ i dunno, this post is just jumble it makes no sense to anyone but me, and I'm sorry! I'll try again tomorrow. B the way watched "Mamma Mia" and its cheesy, and goofy, and weird but i sang along to nearly all the songs and it did make me laugh..so (Y) thumbs up!! "Dark Knight" & "City of God" tomorrow, yahoooo

I suck at blogging.


*IzzY_MeL* said...

Oi linda!!!

Hey, não te quero ver triste nem nervosa!! Quero que estejas sempre com um sorriso nos lábios...e se o livro te traz más recordações, acho que então não o devias ler mais, devemos fazer somente aquilo que nos faz sentir felizes.

Vi as fotos, parece que tens-te divertido muito! Estavas a beber algo azul?! o_O blue coraçon?

Tenho a certeza que a campanha da H&M da luta contra a sida vai ter muito sucesso nas vendas da tshirt desenhada pelo Bill :) Eu vou querer uma! :D

Cheer up and smile!!!



PS: you dont suck at blogging, dont say that :)

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

oh, I know how those days are...I just cant wish you good luck and think positive =)

I told you...new moon it's kind of boring xP


Sylvia said...

i understand feeling really upset two the library only has 1 copie of each book ans new moon and exlips are gone only braking dawn lest btw huge book bigger then harry potters
also its your life you can do anything you want to

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

hmm, actually I don't x.x

I'm waiting for some pictures but it's just of me and my friends...but I have some photos from the media^^ in the next post I'll publish =)

yeah, you're right...it's really depressing! it's a kind of book who don't help people who want to read a book to have fun/dream with good things xP


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

i was more like afraid to broke the camera with all jumps and moche around me xD

yeah I understand...but you'll see in the end you'll feel that...and on eclipse...it's So hot! xP

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

ahah you must read new moon to get the story xP

but then on eclipse it's like..bella want and edward don't...then edward want and bella don't...it's frustrating! xD

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

lol, it's like that really!! xP

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