Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Scene Hair is So Nice ;)

Hi Blog, So yeh i wish my hair was straight so i could do this..

P.S - None of these girls are me, and i found these photos while searching through photobucket. ALthough i think all of them are really prettyyy! :)

Happy Scene-ers


wiinky said...

Believe me, I have straight hair and sometimes it's not that easy to do what I want out of him, even though I haven't tried any "scene look" :b Maybe one day, I'll try <3

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

I love scene hair *O*

I think it's a great and very original style!

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Oi linda!! Gosto do penteado á emo-style, mas acredita que o cabelo encaracolado tambem pode ser muito divertido e fazeres penteados com ele, basta ter imaginação ^.^

Essas raparigas são bonitas (a ultima particularmente) mas tu tambem és!! ;)

Beijinhooosss*** Iz

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