Thursday, 14 May 2009

The End Of Today;

Good evening Blog, how has everyone else's day been?! mine was blahh..CLEANING! hmph. soo just finished watching Eurovision semi final, and if you were to ask me to hum out any song that i had just heard i wouldnt be able to, if you randomly started talking about how you loved this country or that one and wanted to know my opinion again i wouldnt be able to tell you..because all of those songs sounded the same to me. So what have i learnt from tonight...
-the cutee, hott guys are not where i'm living! xD but thats about it. im more looking forward to the final! ;) Also, i read "New Moon" through most of the show, maybe thats why i dont remember anything..then again there was enough pop in it to make me vomit! phoned Ivo today, was good to hear his voice, he said i sounded more mature. :/ i didnt even realise my voice had changed. lol we talked about ropes, some photos he has that i want and some other stuff, even about Tom. :) then dad came home and made great food for us, tonight we went all Portuguese and had Fish. yumm X)

♥So glad my daddy's a CHEF! ♥

Right im off for the evening, its been an eventful day, i gots to go pluck the eyebrows, repaint the nails, drool over some Tom & Rob photos, read more and finish this quiz on facebook..

Until Tomorrow My loves..


Anaa said...

sim, vou andando xD não gosto da minha turma e ando a dormir muito mal =(
De resto estou bem.
Aiii, o amanhecer sai dia 9 de junho em Portugal, data em que eu acabo as aulas *.* Vou logo a correr comprar o eclipse X)

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Peixinho faz bem á saude =P eheheh

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