Wednesday, 29 April 2009


She taught me so much, i dont think she even realises how much she left behind in my life, the little things i picked up on. I never realised how much i depended on her, i never thought about the day when she would go, the day where everything would change, even at the moment she was leaving i still stood there, frozen to the spot thinking maybe she wouldn't go and maybe just maybe she would realise how much i loved and still needed her. IT DIDNT HAPPEN..! and just like that she was gone, she would for now and for always be a memory in my head.
And the little girl who had once loved her so much, and who had once thought she would never be happier had grown up. I didnt notice it at the time, but slowly over time, i could see i was no longer the same girl and i never would be. Something inside me had changed and she was at the center of it all.

Miss You


Anonymous said...

Did you mom die? Sorry I didn't know! I know how you miss her... I totally understand the feeling of loosing someone

Peyton said...

HAHA YEAHH i am polish, but ive lived here for the last 8 years... you?

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