Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Good Day.

Good Evening, how are you all..? what have you all been up to..? If this is your first time coming to my blog, leave me a comment to let me know..! I always answer ya back..Pinky Promise..! ;) Today was good, i woke up with a big smile on my face because my boss is out of the country. i finished work at 5. My sisters were coming to meet me at lunch. bill's audio message would come out. its nearly Easter holidays for me..plus tomorrow i dont start work till 2! :] ALL GOOD! Today we searched around the shops for a shower radio and i couldn't find one anywhere, it was weird..like suddenly there were none left in the world! :/ maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.. I'm happy cause i wore my new shoes and they didn't hurt my feet, there so cute! The computer upstairs is totally screwed up again, it has viruses once more, and this time we don't know how they came.they just appeared. I told dad we need to chuck that one out and buy a new one, because we've rebooted it and nothing worked! :/ Poor Monica, she needs it for her coursework, looks like im going to have to let her come on my laptop more often, and im also going to have to buy the Microsoft office programme because, Sylvia may be able to use notepad and then copy and paste at the library, but i wont be able to do that with my teacher, i need to email her the work and it has to be professional. This course reminds me of the Internet school bill und tom were at/were doing. teehee. Today i also watched "pirates od the Caribbean 3" and omg i really do love johnny depp..Gorgeous sex beast! LOL Anyways im going to sleep..so tired as im typing this down. You'll hear from me soon, and don't forget to leave your comment and let me know you've viewed my blog, it makes me smile :)

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelly is our reality =(


Anonymous said...

I love your plan except the kids..with kids in a island I wouldn't have time to make sex with David, and sorry but that's not possible with David around. If I dated that man I would be always with my hands on him. He's like the sexiest thing ever and the most beautiful man in the world

Anonymous said...

Have a nice dream. Bye KUSS

Ana Filipa said...

Olá Ana! Deixa que te louve pela forma como expressas o orgulho pela tua nacionalidade, qando muitos de nós, residentes em Portugal, ansiamos por poder habituar numa grande cidade como Londres.
Um grande bem-haja, Ana!

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

oh, thanks hon*

you're right...it's better talk with her and say what I feel


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