Tuesday, 7 April 2009

New Tee's

Owa* a todos! sabes o que eu amo, pessoas de todo o mundo que vem ao meu blog, faz me sorrir!! SOOO what you been up to in the last 24 hours?! im listening to "Nirvana - Come as you are" while bopping my head along as well as waiting for sylvia to get out the tub..(hoping she ain't using all the hot water) xD Something weird happened on sylvia's laptop today..i think i fixed it, but it was rather annoying if you know what i mean. Had half day from work and usually i'd do alot of things, but not today, slept in and roamed around in my pj's for ages before getting dressed and then cursing because i hate my skin..tell you what i need.. [a machine that gives you..the airbrushed look]. Off to superdrug tomorrow to buy more facial products! :/ I'm also worried about little shannon bubs, whos off in Italy where the earthquakes have struck, i need to hear something from her soon or ima go insane!.. Right i have decided that i need some new tops, well t-shirt kinda things..heres some i lovee.

What do you think..? i need new tops man, i want bright coloured ones with phrases about music!! hmm must hunt around for some! :)

Love ya


Sylvia said...

omg i love the black tee lol
looks really nice
btw totally true her outfit
lokks like a garden

DeeDee said...

The white one is hawt!!!
Black one is Boring as hell

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