Sunday, 5 April 2009


Ok so i STOPPED watching eastenders a while back..but i've still kept up with the storylines ;) This past week i couldn't help but tune in to see the whole "Danielle & Ronnie" storyline. OMG.. i along with thousands of the British public are deeply saddended..not just cause "Danielle" died BUT mostly because, the writers came up with such a silly plot. They made everyone tune in, get sucked in to the whole storyline, carried it out for about 5 months and then at the very end..where the audience can breath and say "FINALLY she knows"..they kill off the main character and any chance of a happy ever after!! No one that i can remember in eastenders has left with a happy ever after..if you can, please comment and let me know! It's sad but i have to say the acting in that one eposido was AMAZING, samantha and lauren who play "Danielle and Ronnie" were epic. I loved it.. Now in the coming weeks.."Ronnie" decides to leave, because she cant take no more of living in that square..Funny thing is "Jack" has other plans in his mind and he finally decides that "Ronnie" is the one for him, so he goes after her to stop her from departing..Will he convince her to stay.. [i heard, that he proposes and she says YES!]..i actaully dont want her to leave..i prefer her to "Roxy" if she can stay it will be better..Anyways, pictures of the coming weeks show..
"Ronnie, leaving..

Trying to decide if she should go..

"Jack" chases after her.. [haha "Charlie" in the background xD]

Must buy a ticket first..

Looks for "Ronnie"..

About to give up..

But wait, he see's her and calls out her name..

She dont hear him, so he annonouces to the whole airport that he loves her..

"Ronnie" hears and is in shock..

But is it enough to make her stay..???

Oh well guess we have to wait.

Till Then..


Sylvia said...

ohna mina got
dear loard i feel like ive already seen the episode lol
why is it no one in estender ever morns for long she seems o have got over her dead long lost dusgther that died in her arms after 4 miunits togther way to qulikly for my likeing lol
oh well great blogg annie love you darlling

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Olaaaá ^.^

Não conheço essa série, mas é romantico anunciar ao aeroporto inteiro uma declaração de amor! *.*

Sim, foi uma noite divertida, mas ás vezes tambem sabe bem relaxar e então por enquanto não devemos voltar a sair, talvez só na quinta feira :) Entretanto postámos um vídeo engraçado das nossas maluqueiras, acho que vai pôr toda a gente a rir (como nós nos rimos) eheheh

Acho que escreves bem português, dá para perceber perfeitamente ;) Mas se sentires mais á vontade a escrever em ingles, eu compreenderei igualmente =)

Que tens feito nos últimos dias?

Beijinhoooss ;)


*IzzY_MeL* said...

Ah! E sim, é verdade, eu e a Mel gostamos de Tokio Hotel, aliás eles ajudaram muito a ganhar determinação para seguir com a nossa ideologia "live every second", que tentamos aplicar ao máximo no nosso dia-a-dia =)*

Ana said...


Anonymous said...

Never watch it.

Anonymous said...

Estou bem , um bocado cansada mas bem.
Possivelmente ia gostar, tudo que seja inglês eu adoro

Anonymous said...

Lol ya, amo o David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Skins, o principe Harry e Williams, o museu de cera, Londres ( a mnha cidade preferida), o sotaque, os filmes, tudo mesmo!

Anonymous said...

Ya, I was there 2 times. my aunt lives there. And I love it!

Anonymous said...

Se eu morasse em Londres eu nunca quereria voltar! Londres é simplesmente TUDO!

Anonymous said...

I hate violence, but now in portugal is a lot of violence too =/

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