Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Terça a noite - feliz aniversário.

Good afternoon, evening.. whoa what a day i'm knackered. i feel ill, my throat hurts, my teeth hurt, my right ear hurts in fact the right hand side of my face hurts. ive got to sort all this out before i get time off for easter, i don't want to be ill on easter break. I think im weak, dad says i got low blood pressure, so i might book an appointment with the doctors tomorrow to do a check on me, and see if theres anything he might recommend me to do, besides stop working and sleep more! LOL Apart from being ill, today has been not worth it if you know what i mean, total DUD. One good thing about today, Georg turns 22..

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag..
Happy birthday, little sex beast..
(oh, how you have changed) xD

i woke up this morning to this lady and i got to say..everytime this woman comes on the screen she amazes me, i find her very inspirational.

Just amazing in my eyes, she dont do no wrong.. teehee. i have alot more courseowrk to do tonight, so i doubt i'll blog back, but you never know! :P

Till Then

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