Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines Day.

Secondly, you shouldn't need it to be "Valentines Day" to show your loved ones how much they mean to you and how thankful you are to have them in your life. Just saying!!
I'm not one to go by "Valentines Day", but to be fair I buy a card and a little something for Danny, but that's it, I'm not too fussed with it, as I spent so many years as a singleton during this day in the past that I got used to the 14th February just being another day in the calender. Now that I have a boyfriend, its kind of expected of me to buy a little something something, I guess to a degree I also expect a little in return so I'm a hypocrite I understand. I just feel like buying me a gift on the 14th February will not be what proves to me you love me, all the little things we do together, and all the little things you do for me shows and proves to me how much you care for me..since they happen on a day to day basis..everyday is "Valentines Day" to me. :)
Either way, I did buy Danny a card, an iTunes gift card, plus a little glass stand with a little love message. He brought me roses and a card, and then took me to Blue water in Kent, where I brought some LUSH items, I got to spoil myself! :D (Will blog about the LUSH products sometime this week when I use them..)

Pictures of today:

1. Flowers Danny brought me for Valentines  Day, I love how beautiful and big they were. Red Roses plus a few others, (Man i should learn the names of a few more flowers ;) )
2. An aeriel of the flowers.
3. Urm, close up?
4. The big red heart that was also nestled sweetly into the flowers.
5. OK, I realise this is the 5th picture of a bunch of flowers, but I have never got any like that, so excuse my love for them.
6. Our cards to one another.
7. The glass stand with a love message I brought Danny.
8. The badge I received in return, and yes I proudly wore that all around Blue water Shopping Centre today.
9. Danny at the petrol station, filling up the car..how cute is he mid sentence..?! :)
10. A terrible quality picture of what was on the TV at the time of this blog. Believe it or not, that was a plane being blown up. All we have done this evening is watched TV and films. Watched "Brothers", "The Tourist" "The Town" plus some investigation documentaries on plane crashes..hence the picture. It's been a fun evening.
11. Three to follow  Sylvia. Sabrina and Jess.

And that was my Valentines Day.
How was yours spent?


Sunny & Star said...

LOVED the flowers! They were absolutely beautiful. The cards were so cute.

Anonymous said...

beautiful flowers!

sparkle-and-grey said...

Aww, what a sweet post! I love the little heart in the flowers :)

Diana Smith said...

Gorgeous flowers!! I love the gorgeous girlfriend pin!! Rightfully so!

The Smith Circle

..R May A.. said...

the flowers are gorgeous :)
lovely post!! x

Jessica said...

The flowers are gorgeous, bet they smell lovely! I took loads of photos when Jack first got me flowers too so you're not alone there ^_^
Did you like The Tourist? I've been meaning to watch it for a while now.
And thank you for mentioning me at the bottom Ana, that's really sweet :)

Jess xx

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