Sunday, 13 February 2011

50 Things that make me happy, Part 1.

Ive seen this on a few of the blogs from the chicks I follow and most recently on Hayley's blog and I thought it was a great idea. I mean, what a great post, that after it has been typed up, it leaves you feeling happy and calm, and just generally smiling from ear to ear!! :)
It's a "100 things that make me happy" post..but here's the deal, I wanna change it up a little, and I hope the lovely Hayley and the other girls who have done this do not mind, but I want to make this post a "50 things that make me happy" post. I just think if I make it 100, I will not succeed in it, as I will lose interest or generally not be bothered to carry it on. So 50, gives me a goal..(a realistic goal), it also means it gets finished faster, andd makes me really think about what I am going to put down as I have limited space! :)
If you guys feel up to the challenge of doing this, then please do AND link it below so I can go to your blogs and check out what makes you happy, don't forget to tell me if your going to do the 100 things or the 50 things! :)
I will do 15 per post! :D .. Here we go: 15 Things that make me happy..

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BLOGGING - I have recently started to blog properly and I'm really starting to enjoy it, I sometimes can't wait to get home and see what lovely comments await me, (if I have any that day..) thank you for all your support!

The Boyfriend Danny.
MY GUY - I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year an a half, but if you ask any of our friends it feels like much more. We have been through a lot together, but we're still here standing strong. I love him. ♥

My 2 sister's Sylvia & Monica.
SISTERS - My 2 sisters mean the world to me, they generally know all my little kinks and accept them all, I really do love them, even through all the fights.

SUMMER - It has to be my favourite time of the year, its my favourite season for sure. I love how a little sun makes everyone feel happier and you just generally see more smiles on people's faces. I can not wait for Summer 2011.

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MUSIC - this is generally the best thing in the world, brings out so many emotions, takes you back to a certain time, place and event in your life, can bring  back memories, help you to express yourself, just generally the best thing EVER.

MAKE UP - I loveee my make up collection, its not massive or nothing special, but its got everything I need for an everyday look as well as a few evening looks, plus it has make up to experiment with. I love all the different people I can become by using my make up. :)

Nights Out,/Adventures On Nights Out.
A NIGHT OUT, AN ADVENTURE - Having a night out, weather with friends, the guy, or family is always fun. You don't have to go to a club to have loads of fun. Some of my best nights out, have been to a resturant like Nandos and then a stroll on to see where we end up. Not having a night planned out, usually ends in some fun adventures.

FRIENDS - My friends are epic of a huge proportion. I mean it, their probably better then yours. I love all of them differently as I have different memories with each of them, but they all mean the world to me. Love you guys.

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PHOTOGRAPHY - I have a new camera, it is not exactly what I wanted as I would love a canon but for now my SJ500 Fuji Finepix will have to do, so far I can not really complain, it took me a while to learn how to use the focus properly, but now it's just a nice camera, and I can't wait to get snapping.

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TRAVELLING - I love to explore new places, as you may have guessed I love having little adventures, so travelling allows me to do this. I haven't been very far as of yet, but I still have time to explore more of the world. I have to say I went to Madeira last summer and I think it was one of the nicest, most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. This year I am hoping to go back and also would love to go to Paris with the boyfriend, fingers crossed. I have also started to do more traveling in the UK to get out of London more.

FASHION - I have a love for fashion, and have done since I was little. I love to mix up different pieces of clothes I have and create a new master piece, I also love to take inspiration from other people, such as bloggers or mostly..strangers I see in the street. I'm mostly a high street girl with my favourite shops being H'n'M, Primark, Market Stalls, and River Island. :)

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READING - I lovee books, theres no doubt about it, to say how many books I've read is impossible as I started reading the big books, the serious books, the true life books, the kind you buy in WHSMITH at the age of 11. I used to spend some of my lunch times in the school library reading and stocking up on books and some of my weekends were spent at the local library collecting books, and returning them after 2 weeks. I will never forget having to read to my head of year, in year 7 and he turnt to me and said "Ana, slow down..your reading ability is very impressive.." "WOW urm thanks", was all I managed to say..I just wanted to get back to the story! My favourite collection of books to have read is the "TWILIGHT" and "THE HARRY POTTER COLLECTION". A must read to all, kids and grown ups alike.

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MYTHS/LEGENDS/MYSTERY'S - I am the biggest nerd for history. I can sit through hours and hours of documentaries on mysteries, such as the lock Ness Monster, Chupacabras, Jack the Ripper, Marilyn Monroes death, and one of my favourites Bigfoot. I can read books, watch shows, and view how they have examined evidence to support the cases, but the fact that there is no logical answer to some of the questions and the proof is very limited, knowing this, makes it so much more interesting for me, and makes me want to find out so much more about it!! :)

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COKE A COLA - I know it sounds weird, but Coke makes me happy, there is nothing better then sitting in your house with a cup of coke and the laptop and a magazine to read. That to me is heaven. So Coke is a MUST have on my list.

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ENRIQUE - I have a feeling that when god was making this man, he was very happy (perhaps he had a cup of coke with him, as he worked..) either way, to me Enrique is just Perfect with a capital P. His eyes, his smile, his arms, his hands, his hair, his face, his body..I could continue forever. My life will be complete once I meet him and hear him say "Hey Ana.." and to mean it to me, not his girlfriend Anna. :P haha.

That was fun, it made me smile every time i was typing about the subject I liked. I hope you guys do it, its a cute little thing to have on your blog and be able to look back on it in a few years time and see if your opinions have changed. :P

Don't forget to link up your blog post if you do choose to do this task, so I can read about your happy things.

P.s another 15 to come soonish..
Much Love..


Amiee Whitney said...

I agree with most of those except the coke ahahhaa!


Hayley said...

Awww honey thank you gorge forthe mention! and NOWAY would iever moan or complain about u wanting to do it!love allur piccies and mentions! glad ur a book worm just like me! sometimes feel like im the only one who loves a good read xoxoxoxoxo Hay xxx

Mariel Torres said...

i have two sisters too and they are my absolute favorite ;)
cute list darling

Anonymous said...

I agree with ALL of these! Lovely post :)
I've already done my 100 things post otherwise I would have joined in on this! xx

Amiee Whitney said...

Gross Ana, lemonade is worse than coke!!

Diana Smith said...

Love your makeup collection! MAC is amazing!! Your blog is super cute!

The Smith Circle

Ana Cristina said...

@diana smith, thank you doll, but thats not my actual make up, just a picture i found and thought cute!
i wish i had all those MAC products! :)

Claire said...

Ah i have a new camera toooooo i love it :) x

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