Friday, 3 September 2010

This past week

Evening :)
How are you all, what have you been doing this week?
At the moment I'm at my boyfriends house and him, his cousin and 2 uncles are downstairs watching the football. Portugal vs Cyprus, so i thought I'd take the chance to come to his room and use his laptop a little. I'm really in the mood to watch a film tonight, but without having to actually go to the cinema, and since the boyfriend works tomorrow i doubt he's up for a late night, so i guess I'll have to wait till he drops me home and maybe watch a DVD with my sisters. Have you seen my sister Sylvia's Blog..?? if not you should check her out..
Sylvia :)
What else is new, oh i have finally booked my Theory test for the 8th of October..that gives me about a month to get down to some serious revising, which means my driving book has now got a permanent place in my handbag so wherever i go i can always test myself a little. Also my boyfriend has gone and gotten himself a new job, he has found a Driving job which is what he's always wanted. So i am very happy and proud of him, even though he didn't actually go looking for the job, his dad asked a mate for it, but still I'm really happy that he's not going to have to work weekends anymore, he's getting paid more and most importantly he's going to be doing something he actually enjoys. The downside to him having a new job, he can't take me to my test on the 8th, just bloody great. I felt with him by my side i couldn't fail, but just great.. anyways I'll try and work something out for myself as i always do.
So have any of you got any gossip from the past week? ;)

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