Thursday, 2 September 2010

ASK, FOLLOW and try and ADD

i have been asked by a few of you as to where you can find me online, well..i have a Facebook, Twitter and a Formspring. I of course have Myspace, Bloglovin, Bebo and Hi5 and all that jazz, but i do not use them..! Soo if you want to follow me on Twitter, feel free..

If you want to ask me questions on Formspring, feel free..

And if you want to add me on Facebook, i might accept you. Hahaa, try it and find out. Look for..
Ana Cristina Viegas

So go ahead, try your luck.. follow, ask and try and add! :)


MiniDiva said...

Hiya lovely how ru? Just followed ya on twitter hope ya dont mind. Havin a good week? xxx

Sunny & Star said...

Summer's been ok. Seems like it has passed by so quickly though. I just started a 5 day weekend. My first break since Christmas/New Years. I live in the US. Kentucky to be exact. What about you?

Sunny & Star said...

I've wanted to visit London for forever. For your first visit to the US I recommend New York City. I love NYC. Kentucky is very pretty. There's no cities even close to the size of NYC or London but there's still a lot to do in places like Lexington and Louisville and we are close to major cities in other states. Kentucky is famous for the Derby and for all of its horse farms. And then there are a lot of nature things like Mammoth Cave (longest known cave system) and Cumberland Falls. Tons of rock climbers from around the world visit Kentucky. Kentucky is famous for making Bourbon.

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