Thursday, 26 August 2010

I'm Back.. England you need to fix up!

Hello my dolls..
how has your summer been so far? i got back on Monday and have been so busy with unpacking and sorting out all the bills that came through my door while i was away.. so i am very sorry for the lack of updates, also i would like to say a huge thank you to all my new followers and all the old ones that have stayed with me. Thank you for reading my blog, and leaving your comments, they all make me smile and give me such a nice feeling knowing that you take the time to read what i have to say...! so thank you! :) and welcome :)
I guess i will go back to my normal posts once I've adjusted to life back in the UK, and may i just add, I've been back 4 days and all its done here is pour down with rain.. i am constantly with my umbrella, the only umbrella i used on holiday was my sun one at the beach to protect me! :/ not impressed England! I'll leave you with 2 little pictures of my holiday for now..

Me at the beach working on the tan. :)

Me and my baby, Love you meu amor para sempre. :)

Sooo, tell me about your summer so far???

1 comment:

MiniDiva said...

Aw thank 4 comments hun! And no need 2 say sorry! Hope ya had a lovely time away Mwah xoxo

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