Sunday, 29 August 2010

I tag you all

Hello..girlie's.. got a survey post to do as it's 12:30 at night..and not much is happening this Saturday/Sunday morning.. so here we go..

Would you rather?
Lose all your old memories or never be able to make new ones?
This i think is one of the hardest choices to make, i would never ever wanna lose any of the memories I've made with anyone, even if i have photos their not the same as the memory, however not being able to ever make any new ones, is also heartbreaking. I would never choose from these two. SORRY!

A friend moving far away or losing touch with a friend that lives right near you?
I have many friends who live right next to me and I've lost touch with so many of them, we have each others number and know where each others houses are at but we hardly see or talk to each other.. where's a friend moving far harder. At least if their close you can still try and go see them..if their far away it's harder for sure.

Betraying a friend or having a friend betray you?
Both horrible, of course the worst is having a friend betray you, i would never want it to happen to me and just thinking about a friend betraying me is hard, i would of course also try my best never to betray a friend of mine!

How have your feelings changed throughout life?
Oh this would be very long to explain, but of course they have changed throughout my life, and in lots of different ways. I now understand the meaning of love. I now understand the importance in believing in yourself and not caring about what the rest of the world says and thinks. Lots of my feelings have changed as i have changed with the years too.

Your best friend died because of you, what would you do?
Guilt would take over, depending of curse on how they died. I think i would forever feel guilty of it, i don't wanna even think of losing one of my best friends, guilt would just consume me.

What's your worst fear?
EASY: losing the people i care most for in this world.

If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?
I don't know if i would, if i did it could make a huge difference in my life and i might not be the person i am today because of it. :)

Do you believe that you can be in love with 2 people at the same time?
I believe that you can love more then 2 people, of course you can.. your family might consist of more then 2 people and you love them. BEING in love with 2 people however is a little different, i have never experienced this, i have heard people say that they feel it, but unless it's happened to me i really have no clue.

Why do you think bad things happen to good people?
It's just the way the world works, i think bad things happen everywhere in the world and to all people, but of course when something bad happens to me i do tend to come out with this sentence too.. it's just the way god intends life to be. Besides whatever he throws in your path it's to prove to you how strong you are to make it through.

Would you sacrifice self respect for love?
If it's true love, not doubt love, true love, not meant to be together love but feeling your gonna be together love then i know I'd sacrifice a lot, but my self respect depends on the situation completely.

Which is worse, drowning or being buried alive?
OMG, i cant think of 2 more terrible ones, id have to say drowning, but i guess being buried alive has the same effect. Your breath being cut short.

What's the one thing you want to do before you die?
Travel a bit more, visit new places and explore them, make lots of memories that will keep me smiling in my old age.

Whats the best feeling in the world?
Feeling loved, wanted and needed...! :)

Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?
Burn to death only because i assume it would happen faster!! :/

What would you do if you had no family or friends?
Be a loner in the big world, that's quiet a scary thought.. i have idea what I'd do, probably try and make new friends and try and have a family of my own i suppose. I'd always miss out on a bit though having no other family.

ah that survey really made me think, if you enjoyed reading it then i tag you to do it too.. :)) Go aheaddd!! I tag you all!


MiniDiva said...

Following ya now! Think ur blog is amazin and such a good read! is it ok for me to nick this survey and put it on my blog? with my own answers ofc lol xxxx

MiniDiva said...

Aw thanks anyway lol, I'll try sort it. Knowing me i'll end up buggering my whole blog up haha. aw thanks and hope ya dont mind me nicking ya tags yet again :/ Sowwie lol. xoxox
Also dya have twitter or summit like tha wha cud follow u on as well? xx

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