Wednesday, 7 July 2010

To keep a person happy, Do you have to feel bad?

I still haven't had a good nights sleep properly, woke up this morning with such a huge headache on one side of my head. ARGH. Got driving in about 5 minutes, and i feel trapped. I feel like I'm being a bad friend! I Also feel like i have to be carefully what i write on here because people i actually know read it, but it's keep someone happy i have to feel bad! That's how i feel at this moment.

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MiniDiva said...

Hey lovely,been reading some of ya blogs as got a bout of insomnia at the min lol, Just wanted to say you shud never make someone else happy if that is gonna make u feel bad and awful hun, at end of day that isnt fair on you at all!
And also with what ya boyfriend sister said about ya weight i know it horrible and u r right calling some1 skinny is as bad as calling them fat and at end of day what dos it matter what ya look like its who you are what counts, try not to let it get to ya! Seem like a lovely person! ever need a chat or anything then am here! xoxox

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