Monday, 5 July 2010


I have 2 sisters, who i love with all my heart, i think the worst thing about having the constant taking of each others clothes. I'm not going to lie i do occasionally borrow a top or 2, mostly i borrow jewellery if I'm honest, but my 2 sisters take the mick. Monica who is 13 is alright, she may borrow a cardigan or 2 and over stretch them and make holes in them and put them away in a mess or not even bother putting them away, But its Sylvia who's 16 who completely overtakes all my clothes from my cupboard. Take yesterday evening for example, I'm on the phone so Sylvia says "Can i borrow some of your clothes to wear out tomorrow with my friends?" i said yes just let me know what you want to take, she goes off to look in my cupboard..comes back 5 minutes later saying she found nothing to wear but found a gorgeous dress could she try it on, i say yes as I'm on the phone. She tries on this dress, comes back to me and says "Ana it fits me" Next thing you know its hanging up in her cupboard and is officially hers. Cheeky little devil knows that when I'm on the phone if she is to ask me any questions i will always say YES so she takes full advantage of this. After a little argument with her i got my dress back today, but she still went out to meet her friends fully dressed in my clothes and also in my jewellery! So yes, while having younger sisters can be the nicest thing in the world it can also be the biggest pain in the butt especially if you all love clothes!!

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