Saturday, 31 July 2010

My First Tag

I've wanted to do a tag post for ages, :) I have been tagged..well slightly tagged by Hannah, you can find her here..Hannah.
She did a tag and then at the end said she tags all her followers..So as i have a few minutes this morning and as i have wanted to do a tag for a while now, i will do this one!
The Three Things Tag:

Three Names I Go By:

Three Places I Have Lived:
-Portugal, where i was born
-France, for a couple of months with an aunt
-England, where you can find me now

Three Favourite Drinks:
-Coke a Cola

Three TV Shows I Watch:
-Friends, i still love the repeats
-One Tree Hill, not as often any more but before it was an addiction
-Skins, Without a doubt

Three Places I Have Been:
-Paris, twas beautiful
-Lisbon, My hometown and the place i miss the most
-Spain, quite a bit to be fair

Three Places I Would Like To Visit:
-America, all over really, Las Vegas, LA, much to see and do
-Italy, i have a thing where i want to go to Roma and Venice really badly
-Austeralia, I just love the accent there, i would love to live the surfer life for a while

Three People Who Text Me Regularly:
-Danny, My boyfriend (:
-David My driving instructor.. hahaaa
-Rahana :)

Three Favourite Old TV Shows:
-Are You afraid of the Dark, this show was on late every night, and i used to watch it and then be terrified of going to bed
-Kenan and Kel, best 90's show everr
-Saved By the bell.. This show made my childhood :)

Three Favourite Dishes:
-Pizza, best thing ever invented
-Pasta, I swear I'm part Italian
-Chips, can't resist them

Three Make Up Products I Can Not Live Without:
-Concealer, imagining life without is hard enough
-Mascara, without this i feel naked
-Blusher, To give that awake look to me

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-My holiday to Madeira in less then 2 weeks
-My future with my baby :D
-Packing for the holiday, i know sad..but i lovvvee it xD

Three Favourite Films:
-Dirty Dancing, the best film ever made for us girls
-Pretty Woman, i just lovedd this film growing up and i still do
-Grease, you cant beat the classics

This was fun, but took ages to find all the pictures, :\ i tag everyone who reads this! :) haha


Hannahh x said...

Aww thanks for doing it, great answers! :) xx

Ana Cristina said...

hehe your welcome, it was fun and my first tag! :)) x

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