Saturday, 5 December 2009


i carry my phone everywhere with me hoping you'll call or text, my phone rings all day, but its never you, and everytime it rings and i see it's NOT you, it hurts more cause it shows you don't care. This is the point that hurts most, but i told you i'd leave you alone like you asked, so i will keep that promise, yes it hurts me but i'll let you go. i guess i always knew it would end like this but i knew i'd have fun while it lasted so i took the risk, it's my own fault that now i'm going through the pain cause i knew it would happen but i still went ahead with it.


1 comment:

Anaa said...

Is this text about your ex-boyfriend?
Oh, it's so bad when we are sad because of a boy, or even a girl, it means that we still loving the person, and I know how unconfortable and bad is fell like you are felling. I hope you can forget the one you were talking in the text. Try to by happy girl :) it is gonna pass

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