Friday, 7 August 2009

an update.

Good morning all,
today is the first day of my summer holidays!! :) its my first day off! :P ohh yess.. and its also the last day that Danny is here.. he leaves tonight at 2am to go Madeira for 2 weeks! :( so how is everyone!?? i really have missed my blog, but haven't been home to update..i leave the house at 8:30am to go work, come back at 6pm get ready and leave at 7pm to go see Danny then come home at 3am! theres no timee! :( so i am sorry to all!!
today my plans are to go buy jeans and then to go down to the west end with Danny and do some shopping and in the evening we're going to the cinema to watch ORPHAN!
i have been to the cinema so much lately i should have like a pass that just allows me in..movies I've been to see recently right::

BRUNO - [not that funny, but Danny loved it]
THE HANGOVER - [funny..haha me and Danny loved it]
THE PROPOSAL - [cheesy as hell but i loved itt]
HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE - [i fell asleep through it, Sylvia and Monica loved it though]
TRANSFORMERS - [fell asleep through this one too, Danny says its amazing..]
THE TAKING OF THE PELHEM 123 - [by far the best film I've seen in a long time..LOVEDD IT]
GI JOE THE RISE OF THE COBRA - [was OK..channing was fit for me!!]

now tonight we're off to watch ORPHAN and Danny wants to see THE UGLY TRUTH! see way too many films..!
in other news it was my birthday! :) i am now 21 ;] yahooo..I'm gonna do something for it on Saturday probably. lol. Danny took me out on my birthday and it was nice and amazing but i lost my phone, YESS my new nice amazing sexy phone! was so pissed.. :( now i got to go get a new one AGAIN! I'm going to buy contract though! :)
what else is there..umm been going to Liliana's house for dinner and her to mine alot..shes wicked! :) OHHHH anddd.. i met Danny's parents! LOL
that was a fun afternoon and evening, meet the parents, uncle, auntie and cousin! :) AND Danny crashed the car! :/ into a BMW big polish man! :( right that's it for now..I'm going to get ready i want to go wood green, but Danny wants me tog o to his place this morning, so i don't know whats happening..
I'll blog later today!! PROMISE! :)
See ya then..


Anna said...

let me know how orphan goes :) i really wanan see that!

you do see alot of films =D im impressed haha

Anaa said...

heeey finalmente de férias. as minhas férias na Bosnia e na Croácia foram tão boas *__* falei tanto ingles conheci tanta gente. foi mesmo bom.

andas farta do blog ou é mesmo só falta de tempo?

Anna said...

hehe you said you would blog later and didnt :)

yeahh i cant look away, but then i just dont sleep for a few days haha
ooh thats good i really wanna see it but i have no time! i also really wanna see the time travellers wife so if you get to see that first let me know how that is ;) haha


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