Monday, 1 June 2009


Firstly, you have all probably seen these photos before!..BUT as i am a late "Twilighter" i found these a couple of weeks ago..and fell in love with them. There was more of them but i choose these, because to me, Kristen Stewart's style for the MTV movie awards is quiet similar. :D I doo love her!

Twilight Cast Pictures;;

UM Robert's face haha


CAM *sighs*

MTV Movie Awards 2009

Well done to "Twilight" for getting the most awards in the evening! :)

New Moon = ♥LOVE♥


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

ohhh I remember that photos!!! yeah her make up were really similar to last night...she's beautiful *O*

Anonymous said...

Pube! I love Kristen, she's so hot ^^
My laptop broke last night! I cried so much D:
Lobby x

Shann.* said...

Yes! i looove thiss. i love kristen and her outfit was incredible! :) xx

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Ela não é muito feminina, parece do tipo divertida, nem acredito que ela foi de ténis para a passadeira vermelha -.-' o robert tá engraçado tambem =) hot!

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