Saturday, 13 June 2009


Evening all,
So today i was in the mood to watch the Dvd things we have of us on holiday, i thought it was in 2004 but i have been corrected it was in fact 2006! o.O sooo, talking to jess, i said i would upload pictures of us from that holiday, so here they are..BLAME JESSICAAAA..!! lol :)
let me take you back to 2006;;

Me the day when we got back.. Tan ayee?? went to see Joanne this day.

Sylvia, Monica and Moi in Mafra, i really miss it here, the warm bread with chorisso is amazing here. Theres so these moving cars and things, i thought there was a woman trapped behind a locked fence, but i found out she was a huge life size doll. Also like the castle bit!

Me, Monica, The Mother and Sylvia In the Beach Cabana, i got soo sun burnt this day that for the next few days having a bath was painful as FUCK. i literally could not move and during the night i had cold sweats and really hot moments too. i basically got sun stroked. I fell asleep int he sand and woke up to find my sunglasses had left a tan mark on my face too. Last time we ever go to the beach without an umbrella.

Sylvia, Monica, Me and Uncle Tino at the beach at about 6pm, it was quiet chilly, we came straight from mafra and went our feet. Sylvia fell in love with a surfer guy and my and uncle played tag int he sand, which is surprisingly hard..and tiring. This is also "GARMENT" day, Sylvia got her skirt totally socked at this beach so we got to the car and uncle pulled out an old T-Shirt he had stored away in his glove compartment, he told her to put it on, it was a hugee t-shirt on her and she called it a garment over and over again. Then uncle tino drove us to Lisboa and Sylvia got out the car dressed in only the T-Shirt While the police car nearby looked on suspiciously at us. LOL

Me posing outside Joanne's old area. Showing my tummy too!! :/

Chilling, waiting about..still had the tan at this point.

Theres that belly again.. :/ Oh dear..!!

2006 holiday was the Best one i ever had, have so many amazing memories from it, it was also a pretty sad one. it was the one where everything changed and we lost her, but i still had an amazing time, if ii could go back and do anything, I'd do it all the same..except finish the arguments quicker so that we could go do other stuff.

I miss Portugal :(


Anaa said...

as belas das férias *.*
muitas delas foram em Portugal certo?
Mafra é um sitio bonito, e tem muitas coisas bonitas para ver.

Sim, mas até ter o meu quarto ainda vou ter que passar por muito :/.
POrtanto ainda vai demorar.

Peyton said...

Aww thank you!! yeahh lol m y new design is looking pretty so far =>

Joana Machado said...

Mafra is a wonderful place. I've already been there a couple of times and it is beautiful.
It feels so good to look back at old pictures and see how much different we are. And of course those are meaningful pictures so.. Portugal! :D
It's exactly that way I feel about it: a whole different experience that will allow me to grow up even more and become more independent. Not to mention that it enriches the curriculum.
Well, I'm finishing first year now, and as I talked with different teachers all said that the best time will be when I'm in the second, third year. So maybe in 2 years. If not, I still have
the PhD to do, maybe that time will be the best moment. I already searched about it and talked with my English teacher. There's only one College in England with my course, in Nottingham.

Yeah, then I want to meet you :)

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

you miss portugal, I miss england xP

nice pics btw!

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh thanks^^

gosh, right's still sunday and I miss friday already T_____________T lol
how's it possible???

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

you know, you are SO right! lool
it's weird, but good.

Joana Filipa said...

I like to watch old stuff too..makes me remember the good things =)

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

NO! I mean, we are friends at so many years...I don't know if I can see our relationship in that way...we are great friends, bestfriends...

last friday we were talking about his ex's like, the 10000000 time that they broke up x.x you know, she's younger and she think in a different way that we do...she's really imature...well, he said that I helped him very much on friday I I made him see much things...I don't know but I think they broke up for real...
well, I'm talking too much xD the thing is...I really like him but I think it's not in that way...kinda weird xP

Joana Filipa said...

Yah I've got it!!
Thank you sweetie =)

Anaa said...

não faz mal.
Sim, eu vou esperar, mas é também porque não me sinto preparada : /

Pois o meu fim-de-semana foi tudo menos ocupado :/

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