Thursday, 11 June 2009


Night all.. how are ya all?? I'm talking to Jess on MSN right now, i like talking to her, shes sweet..! I'm also listening to SIA - BREATH ME on repeat from my sisters blog..urgh..! I'm twittering, and facebooking..and looking at maps of Borehamwood. lol So whats new with me..lets see?! um i have an image of the new phone i am using now, because Keeley so kindly let me have! :)

It's old, and without camera, bluetooth, and good music..but i like it for some reason..anddd it reminds me of the Portuguese mobile we used a few holidays ago! so in fact i love itt! ;) Urm what else is there...OHH OHHH..Tottenham Carnival is coming, not this Saturday but the next one! im so excited for it..last year there was a Latin band playing there, that i feel in love with..i had heard their music in my uncle's car while on holiday in Portugal in the summer 2004 so it was really weird to hear and see them in my local park, i was gobsmacked..! :) i dont want it to rain and because its 2 weeks away, the forecast hasn't been predicted yet..ANNOYING! i hope its proper hot and summery.. :) Should be Ana amazing day. Then there is also the Portuguese Carnival, and i know its this month, but i cant remember the day or the park...Ooopps, need to find that out tooo..! :) Found out the day, its the the next day on the Sunday! Lol oh boy now, i gotta go look at more maps and try and find the name of the other park near Brixton. ;) Well better get to it then..! lol

Blog Soon.


Anaa said...

já tens um telemovel novo *.*
não é moderno, mas dá para falar e para mandar sms, é o que interessa.
Eu acabei agora de ficar sem sms grátis, por isso até ao mes que vem também não posso ganhar dinheiro.

Comprei o eclipse *.*

Anna said...

"and looking at maps of borehamwood" LOL

tottenham carnival next saturday.. so you not coming to my birthday thenn? =( lol


Kaysnurf. said...

Yay for the carnival. I've never been cos I never have anyone to go with haaa, and I wanna go lmao.

Joana Machado said...

It was my wish to live in Lisbon since I can remember :D Lisbon is such an amazing town. I mean, I discovered it properly this year since I was attending a school in Barreiro. This year I went to college, in Lisbon, and it's being an amazing experience. A whole different world! It wasn't like I didn't know Lisbon but I guess it's different when we spend most of our week there. When I was still studying in Barreiro, I used to go to Lisbon on weekends, shopping or something else. But now I'm always there. And in my opinion it's much better when you actually have the chance of walking all over the town and exploring everything. It is how the city life must be experienced.
I'm looking foward to read The Host. Not that I'm a huge sci-fi fan, but I'm curious about it.
Yeah I know, I've already been there. It's a nice town. :)

Joana Machado said...

Oh, and your "new" cell is actually nice :D
About Carnival, I used to like it much more than I do now. Here it's always the same thing, funny boys chasing girls down the streets, doing pranks involving nasty and smelly things. Awwr, so not even the costumes make me like it.

Joana Machado said...

Baixa is amazing. It is my favorite place, and near the river is even better. Awwm, shopping centers *-*
In Barreiro there's one, so we go there, instead of going to Lisbon. But yeah, Colombro it's awesome. I like also Vasco da Gama, in Expo; it's near the river too, so.
No, I don't live in Lisbon. I live in Barreiro but I spend most of my time in Lisbon. I was born in Barreiro. My mother was the one who was born and Lisbon and she lived most of her childhood there. Oh, Faro. I think I never been there.

Joana Machado said...

Oh, I dind't know :D
But that is actually cool!

Bj *

Joana Machado said...

It's amazing. ^^
I guess no matter how we wish to get out of here and go to a all different place, we'll always miss the little things, the places, the people.
And it will happened to me too, I'm sure. Since I was 14, my wish is to go to England. Now I'm in college, there's Erasmus, and I'm going to give it a try. My mum says that i will regret it and when I'm there, I will want to come back. But is life, we need to try things. In a couple years I don't want to look back and realize that was something that I really wanted to do and I didn't. And I think it's a wonderful experience, be in a whole different country by yourself, learning new things. In the end I will be even more mature.
I'm looking forward to it.

Anaa said...

pois, eu começo a crescer e a ficar farta disto tudo, pois não tenho o meu espaço e as prioridades da minha familia são diferentes das minhas.
Acho que em breve vou ter o meu próprio quarto *.*

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