Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I'm so Proud you stood up for yourself!

Good Afternoon Bloggers,
First off i'd like to say how proud i am of my sister Sylvia, for standing up for herself and her best friend at school yesterday! :) let me explain..
The teacher asked the class to bring in a magazine, so kayleigh (Sylvia's best mate) took in "Kerrang" the special one, the one with her picture in :P anyways, Sylvia also took in a copy of "Kerrang". Some stupid small minded boys in their class, grabbed Kayleigh's magazine, now Kay who hates confrontation..didn't say anything and some other kids were shouting out stuff like "just give her back her magazine mann". Sylvia couldn't believe they took it, if that copy got ruined, its the only one that has Kay's picture in..not like magazines will publish one copy of a late edition for one reader, so Sylvia knew how important it was to Kay and was happy when they returned it. Only for the boy to then take Sylvia's copy and start running around with it, Sylvia went up to him and asked for it back..she tried to grab it back off him, but he tore it..so Sylvia got annoyed and kicked him in his groin, and punched him in the face. BIT DRASTIC your probably saying, Well maybe i didn't explain it well, But for some reason in Sylvia's Media class liking rock music is.. um, well not accepted very well!! :/ I told Sylvia maybe the guy likes you and that's why he likes to pick on you, but shes sure its because of the style of magazine she brought in. "Kerrang" is only rock/heavy rock and metal music. This is the same class that a few weeks ago when asked if they had heard of certain groups, only Sylvia and her mate had heard of "Nirvana" and only a few people had heard of "Nickleback" even after the huge success they had with "Rockstar". Someone in the class even asked "Who's Nickle Back?" thinking it was one person!! O______________o

- The point of this post is, i know children are immature, i was too..i remember being at school and if someone wore too much eyeliner saying is she a goth or an EMO or something, (So Stupid) Ive grown out of it thank god and i know them boys will too, but just for the pure fact that they have judged my sister and her mate on what they listen to or how they dress or even how they speak is just beyond words. Its ridiculous! Sylvia is one of the most open people i know when it comes to music, she will listen to anything from French Rap to Russian Opera and everything in between! I just think we judge people to quick, if they wear dark make up and have dark hair, their EMO's or Goth's..If they wear mini skirts their slags, Guys with drop down trousers and baggy clothes are Players or PIMPS! We all need to get over it and live our life right, stop judging everyone else, and maybe then we wont have to worry about the way we look in the morning before we leave the house.
That is all.



Anaa said...

Eu agora ando cheia de testes, posso demorar um bocadinho a responder...se isso acontecer, desculpa.
Os patroes (bosses) são sempre aborrecidos hahah, é normal.

Está tudo bem?
Eu ando super cansada, como sempre. Com os testes e o ballet não tenho muito tempo e ando sempre a correr :/

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

I understand you. I was really excited to see how the poster would look like..I think it's pretty amazing too!


Anaa said...

haha, nita-se em que os JB não são o teu estilo.
Durante a tour deles, eles vão passar por manchester. Isso para mim era o paraiso, ter o meu idolo, CRISTIANO RONALDO, a pessoa que eu mais admiro, o meu orgulho, e os JONAS BROTHERS, a minha banda preferida, na mesma cidade era algo louco.
Adorava ir vê-los a espanha ou a manchester... mas ainda não foram anunciadas todas as datas da world tour deles, por isso tenho que ter esperança.
Dia 11 estão em barcelona e dia 12 está livre , por isso pode ser que os jonas brothers decidam vir a portugal :D

Shannon-Leigh said...

Erghh this makes me sickk!
but go sylviaa babyy. :)
Arghh i must be an EMO i have black hair and alot of dark make-up, wahooo go me!
i know their my age but how disgusting is that, errgh Jerks.
People are wayy too small minded these days! =)
Loveyouu. xoxo

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Oiiiiii (^.^)

Desculpa a ausencia, tenho andado muito ocupada com as coisas finais da escola e para a proxima semana já começam os exames :/ que tédio!

Foi mesmo muito divertido com as antenas!xD deiu apra fazer de palhacinho e alegrar as amigas =P

Sim, aquele é o Ivo que te falei, tens de ter cuidado porque ele lê o blog e nao quero que saiba que andamos a falar dele ehehe xD

Não precisas agradecer pelos comentarios, gosto de te mostrar como gosto de os ler e tambem nao custa dizer umas palavrinhas com a minha opiniao =)

Sim, cor de rosa é mesmo a tua cor, fica-te lindamente!

Ah o jogo do limão é tão cómico, principalmente porque nunca acertamos quando estamos bebedos ahaha

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Ah e eu tambem estaria muito orgulhosa, porque ela defende o que acha correcto e é muito positivo não ter vergonha de fazer frente a esses rapazes :/

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