Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A boring thing.

Heyy Everyone, miss my blogging much!? lol sorry things have been hectic so i kinda couldn't update you all! how have you been anyway?! good!? ;) right where to start, im nearing the end of "New Moon" and im looking forward to starting "Eclipse". Rhian has already gave me "The Dark Knight" and i left it at work by accident! :/ and i brought another German book, and this one is actually helping me ALOT.. so im loving that! - theres not much new to blog about, lately its all been the same..except next week is half term here and that means no school for the girls, but i still have work! :/ i hope Shannon can come down and relax and chill with us..and i also really want her to watch movies with us, i miss her sexy ass!

im also going to steal her hair..!!

I have more course work to do, and that woman should be coming this Tuesday. i am actually dreading it, i mean how can i encourage healthy eating with 2 year olds, what activities can i do? to make them want healthy food!!!?? lol any ideas!? please i need help! :P i have actually started to use my twitter! :D And im enjoying all the celeb stalking im doing..! i was a little angry at something that happened on MSN the other day, but i havnt got the energy to write it all out here..but i was really annoyed by it!! grrr..
there aint nothing more to sayy really..oh except.
"Hey Lauren, i cant read your blog..its private i think :( so send an invitation..! lol and im good thank you, hope your ok too sweets!? :P x"
right im going to go, get something to eat, enjoy the end chapter of "New Moon" and learn a tiny bit of german before sleeping!! So i'll leave you with a picture of me and Ben.. :)



*IzzY_MeL* said...

O Ben é adorável!!! Que fofo!!!! ^___^

Shann.* said...

Omgg anaaaa, i scroll down and all i saw was my fat face!! whats wrong with you womann! lmaoo xx

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