Sunday, 26 April 2009

Twilight.. Finally...

YoYoYo, Wassssss Up,
Im at this moment talking to Joanne and Sylvia on MSN while waiting for my photo to upload on facebook! ;] i havn't blogged in a bit. sorry..! yesterday was crap. I had a huge argument with dad, and sylvia stormed out the house, and all this because of manchester united. honestly..! it really was crap, and i wanted to write a whole blog thing on it and stick it in the "Rant's" section but now..can't be bothered.. so this little bit will have to do. So today after many people trying to convince me to watch "Twilight" i finally did! happy sammy..?! lol and i have to say, i dont really know what i was expecting but whatever it was, it was nothing like the film. i thought it was actually really good, but i still don't fancy robert pattinson! lol, i dunno "edward's" cool and everything and it kinda makes vampires really cool, but i just dont fancy him, i did however like "james" he was HOTT!! :) haha i think sylvia may fancy thank you kayleigh for letting us borrow it!! too cute..!

Totally cute, too bad, he died at the he wont be in the second one! :P and too bad in real life, he has a girlfriend and has just had a baby girl!! urgh..!


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Anonymous said...

I always liked him! Since O.C.

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