Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hello Readers, How are you all today!? It's nearly the weekend, nearly time to sleep in late and party away. What you guys been doing today?! my day, hm blah..pretty boring except lunchtime. so it was work, work and more work, we only had 10 kids and 3 of them were in another room, so we only had 7! :P bit boringg..Lunchtime was spent with Joanne and Kayla, who introduced me to "Peppa Pig", by the way..did you know peppa pig is a girl? and her surname is pig..! lol, i only found out today. We talked about the holiday we will be taking this september so super excited. It will be me, sylvia, monica, jo, kayla, tiffany and amy (jo's sisters) it will be our first proper holiday, and jo's first one with her sisters too.. everyone will bond amazingly well!! LOL wanna see where we're going??? .... teehee.

Pretty isn't it! ;)

i'm super excited for it. After jo's i went back to work, and felt ike punching someone in the face..urgh this woman seriously annoys me. Needs a life. i finished at 6 and came home, dad had made wonderful food for mich to munch on.. PIZZA UND SALAD! lecker lecker lecker.. ;P

again pretty isn't it?? lol

i fell asleep after i ate and did my coursework. pretty boring. nothing else to report in todays blog. sorry! xD maybe life will be fun again this weekend!! :D

P.s - i feel like shit, yesterday was the 22nd and i forgot to take my necklace to work, how lame am i? im such a hobbit!

Till then.

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*IzzY_MeL* said...


O Tom fica bem de qualquer maneira, com aspecto ainda mais rebelde :D sexyyy!

Férias, tambem quero férias!! Dia 28 sigo de viagem para Amsterdam, espero que seja uma aventura divertida :)

Essa pizza tem bom aspecto! :) yummy


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