Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy 4th Of April

Hello All, So today has been alright actually, the weather is bloomin amazing.. and i have had some fun downloading alot of foreign music, including Japanese :) This morning i was meant to go Primark, but i felt so lazy and i only really wanted to go to buy a pair of dolly shoes.. so instead i went to the high road and brought them there for a bit more money but, there cute Shannon is on her way to Italy, and today on facebook i get a message from her saying she's going through Germany, Man i wish i was with her..! :( Deeply Depressed and Saddened, maybe even a little jealous! LOL, right got photos to upload of the past few hours/days.

some fun times, this week, our kitchen sink looked a mess a few days ago, it was disgusting, thank god i washed it all up. And we brought CornFlour to play with the other day, that was fun tooo :) [click the links to see bigger pictures]. Today has been alright, brought my new shoes and decided something important..! :).. Also today is an important day.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATH.. another year. still missed and still loved, always in my heart.. untouched and pure.. Miss you x

All For Now..

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