Thursday, 3 February 2011

Music Love.

I have a huge headache today and a slight worrying problem with my sister, that i don't know what to do about. (As always.) So excuse me for not really being in the mood to blog much tonight.. I'm going to  make this a quick post.
I have a love for music, as do most of us, i would like to think, weather its rap, hip hop, jazz or pop. We all have a type of music we love to rock out to, or chill too.. (I happen to think Magic FM is great to play soothing chill music late at night.) Theres always a song stuck in my head, weather its really old from the 60's (Trust me, yesterday it was the "Beach Boys"..LOL) or really modern such as "Jessie J" anyways lately the song that's been in my head is by one of my favourite singers EVER.. the gorgeous PINK!!
So here it is, for all of you to enjoy!!

Fucking Perfect - Pink

Do you guys like this song and like PINK?
What tunes are in your head at the moment, and you can't get them out!?

A Thursday Faceshot.

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