Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A catch up.

Hello Ladies (and gents, if there's any out there that read this..)
I had one of the best evening chats with Sabrina at "A little obsessed" (click her name to check her out and follow her). I haven't seen her since the new year, I've missed her birthday and stuff, and I generally really do miss this chick so it was nice to have a little chin wag with her.. but anyways, back to the evening chat. We literally sat on MSN and had a chat about clothes, make up, weddings, and of course our "babies"..our blogs. She has given me some pointers on how I can make my blog look more the way I want it too, although that will take time which is what I am lacking in as I work everyday.

Also if you guys have any suggestions on what I could do, to maybe improve or change my blog, let me know..All comments are accepted with love!

I have to say another HELLO to any new followers.. :) Sabrina tweeted about me and I pretty much got some more followers. I hope I don't disappoint with my random ramble posts! Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy reading this blog. :)

I have a few new posts I need to get up and all I can say is thank god I discovered how to do scheduled posts with Sabrina's help..(Yes I am that stupid  lame, that I didn't know how to do it..)

Just thought i would update you all a little, can NOT wait for these 2 week days to go by, then I am off from work for 2 weeks!! :) Bring it on.. Until next time.. stop by and say Hello, if your a new follower!! I always answer back! :)


Amiee Whitney said...

Ahhhh time off work is BLISSSSS!!!!!!!


Jaci Walker said...

I'm checking out Sabrina's blog.

I am following your blog and I would love it if you could check out my blog: .


Amiee Whitney said...

She's beautiful isn't she? I just wish I could be as pretty as her *-*

Amiee Whitney said...

Rihanna you egg! HAHAHA!
Nooo I'm a mess bluh.
Ah yes,we are overdue meeting missy!
Miss you too x

Marie-Eve said...

Love the look of your blog !

sabrina said...

Thanks so much for this ana, your blog is going really well. See you soon X

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