Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Blues.

Heyy. Today has been one of the best days London has seen in a long time, gone are the grey and moody skies, gone is the rain and constant drivel..and in its place is bright blue skies, skies soo blue you can actually see the aeroplanes flying again. (Gonna be serious, for a while i thought all flights were off, i didn't see a plane in the sky for over a week :| ) Also here is the sunshine, truth be told it's still freezing indoors so I'm guessing outside is worse.. it may be sunny but the sharpness of the cold still remains, but none the's sunny in London. Which means, go out and enjoy the day, do something fun as you don't know when the sun will vanish again..but chance, not for me and Danny anyway. Danny is still not feeling great, so we have stayed in all day, i mean staying in cuddled together watching a film, or whatever..yeah fair do's, that sounds great, but right now as i have been on the laptop for a while, he has fallen asleep and is next to me as i type..SNORING! greattt. :/

This is where we spent the whole of our Sunday! :D (I do actually love this room, has all the comforts i need, just missing a fridge to be honest)

We have the big screen, where i saw Manchester United beat Liverpool.. Woop Woop..We've also got the PlayStation 3 and the big stereo..! :D

The ICT area, with the MAC PRO, the iPad, an iPod..and all the little gadgets you could need, i call this the "Danny Area".. i was more on the bed with my laptop!


While the day outside was Beautiful, blue skies and if you look closely, you can see a teeny tiny plane in the sky!! Teehee..

Andd yes, i am a geek..but the boyfriend was not well, so ..that was our Sunday!!

What did everybody else get up to on this beautiful sunny day?!


minnja said...

Love it :)))


Mikk said...

***nice and lovely Blog!!
thy 4 follow

Joanne said...

Hello Ana!
Is nice to see you again! I lost track of your blog a while ago (I think that you made a new one) :/
Anywa, I'm following yours now And thanks for following mine.

Joanne said...

i was that girl who wanted to go study abroad, to London. Remember? ^^
you're welcome, i'm glad i found you again! :)
i notice that your blog content changed, i like it a lot!
well, i've been okay. busy, but fine! :D
what about you? <3

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