Saturday, 4 September 2010

Outfit of the day

Hey, so i thought i would do an outfit of the day.. and here it is..:

Pretty simple really, Jeans and a tank top with my new wedges.

Jeans - Bardo, £10
Tank Top - Primark, £1.50
Red Wedges - Peacocks, £5 on sale

I think there so cute, i have a thing for wedged shoes at the moment.

I also tried some new make up today and should be doing a review on it very soon, but for now here's a close up picture of my eyes.

Mascara & white eye liner, have you ever used white eyeliner?

1 comment:

MiniDiva said...

Hi babe, Love the outfit so pretty :-). Tattoo on ur foot is amazing, did it hurt a lot? xox

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