Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Not enough..

Hey Blog, sorry for the lack of updates, but to be fair there has been nothing to actually tell, or say, or anything! Not at the moment anyways. Hmm, it was the bank holiday weekend and i ad the most amazing weekend with my Baby, when i say it was amazing it really was..lots and lots of memories made with him and the sisters this weekend! I Had to get him to reboot, my laptop because it just didn't work anymore..he did it but this also means i have lost everything from my computer. I saw a netbook that i really want, it's from DELL and it's pink, so cute.. if only i could affored it, not to mention the huge TV i saw..50 inches and for only £600 :/ and yet i cant afford that, so not impressed with how my family life is going, it's because of the family side of life that i cant afford what i really want! :( DEPRESSIVE

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*IzzY_MeL* said...

Oi linda como estas? Agora estou em Paris! Vou ficar aqui 5 meses :)

Beijinho grandee

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