Friday, 25 September 2009

Day Off Friday

Hello world of bloggers!!
soo how has all my online readers been??
i have decided that i am one of the worst bloggers ever, because i hardly ever update anymore, i dont know why, but life has become so complicated recently that theres hardly any time for anything anymore.. OH WELL SUCH IS LIFE!!
so whats new with all of you? and what have you all been up to?? let me know the gossip.
today is my day off and im sitting here not on MY laptop, but someone elses.. while Fifa is being played in the background.. good times!!

Fifa 2010

theres not much going on except i need to find a new job because i have decided its time to move on and grab other opportunities. Im also broke at the moment, so i have no money to my name i can not wait to be paid this monday.. urgh only 2 more days. The whole childcare coursework is annoying me so much, its to the point of me not caring about it anymore, SERIOUSLY! urgh but apart from all the work shizz everything else is ok.. i'll try and update abit more regularly.. TRYY haha. till next time my lovers..

Peace Out.


Anaa said...

oláá. É normal andares sem tempo, trabalho, casa, casa trabalho o tempo que sobra é pouco e não dá vo0ntade de vir ao blog...

estou a começar a escola secundária, o chamado high school por aí, portanto também tenho andado meia sem tempo.

ehehe, na segunda já te pagam e voltas a ter dinheiro para o que quiseres :D


Thomas :) said...

well i think you have enough time to give a phone call to thom :) lolol

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