Saturday, 22 August 2009


Toodles; how is everyone?
i have been for the past week wearing my blue H 'n' M Shorts that i brought a while back due to the English weather being soo HOTT! haha and im loving, not only the weather but alsoo my shorts.

i need to go to H 'n' M and buy some more clothes but to be honest i can NOT wait for winter to come, not only will Christmas come but i love all the jumpers, scarfs and woolly clothes in general. proper niceee! :)
ahh im going bed now im so tired, had a wicked dayy.. Lili and Shani came over and i did something i should have dun a long time agoo! ;) haha



Anaa said...

os calções são tão giros *.* por acaso acho que muitos calções ficam curtos demais, mas esses têm o tamanho ideial e em fez de desfavorecer, favorecem muito. Ficas bué bonita com eles *.*

tenho duas colegas com uma mala dos Tokio Hotel igual á tua *.*

Sloane said...

I am LOVING these shorts!!!
Get your legs out more often!! :)
Sloaney xxx

Patricia said...

Olá querida! Ausentei-me uns tempos e quando venho aqui só posts :)
Já estive a ler tudo. Quanto a este , adoro os teus shorts :D
Olha , essa mala que tens ai dos TH , tenho uma igualzinha só que e preto <33

Patricia Wenceslau said...

tens um miminho no meu blog :)

Ana said...

ew sloaney i hate hatee my legs but i doo love my shorts!
how amazing are you commenting my blog ayee?! LOL
i love u for it babygirl!

Patricia Wenceslau said...

Hello, my summer holidays are being good, I have spent much time on the beach, outside the rainy days: s
It was full of missed you and you blog.
So and your vacation?
(again, sorry my English)

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